Four times PCA winners!

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director of Brick-Tie Limited

PCA winners again!

Brick-Tie owners Bryan and Julie Hindle were at the Property Care Association conference last week to pick up yet another PCA award – we were PCA winners again!

The PCA awards are the annual event held after the main conference. The awards are a prestigious affair with independent judges deciding on those who deserve special praise via a coveted PCA award.

This year the three independent judges were:

  • Graham Perrior: He is technical manager for The National House Building Council (NHBC). He started out as a building inspector in 1986 and now manages the NHBC’s technical and standards team.
  • Gerald Kelly: Gerald is the Construction Industry Training board’s (CITB) head of Specialist account coordination. He has been instrumental in helping the PCA bring about the new PCA apprenticeship scheme. He engages in national occupational standards, promoting upskilling and bespoke training solutions.
  • Neil May: Neil is senior research fellow at University College London ‘Institute of environment design and engineering’. He is part time CEO of the Sustainable Traditional buildings Alliance (STBA). He is also setting up the UK centre for moisture in buildings.

This year saw a record number of applications from the best of the Property Care Association membership. We are very proud that for the sixth time we are recognised in the PCA awards. We were commended at the 2011 and 2012 awards for training and staff development. However, we won the training and staff development award outright in 2013, 2015 and last week at the 2016. awards  This is especially welcome after winning the ‘Contractor of the Year’ award in 2014.

Do PCA awards mean anything?

PCA winners BT Preservation 2016
This is the third year we have won the training and staff development award sponsored by CITB.

To our team they mean quite a lot. Much of what we do is work behind the scenes; health and safety, staff training; meticulous work in our office, planning and refining our service.  Our success and great client feedback tells a story of high quality and reliability. Still, it’s nice to be judged independently for what we do so well. All of our team are very happy to be judged PCA winners once more.

A company is much more than a number, a web address and a name. The people in the firm are the firm. This is where our policy of staff engagement, training, well being and consultation works; for the whole crew and our customers too. It means that everyone is determined and able to deliver the best service we can for clients and ourselves.

Our boss and mentor Bryan Hindle sums up this approach “These days people have a right to expect more than just a paycheck from work. We spend the best years of our lives working and that is not a happy place for too many people. The best businesses are in the business of looking after their employees; do this well, with honesty and passion and your team will fly like mine“.

Worthy PCA winners and the very best example of what it means to be a good Property Care Association member.

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