high quality damp proofing technicnas are made not born

High quality damp proofing technicians are made not born

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director of Brick-Tie Limited

Our Friday morning de-brief is serious business – with a lighter side too.

Here on planet Brick-Tie we make high quality damp and timber technicians. Our job has been made much easier this year, with the introduction of the new Property Care Association Apprentice scheme. We’ve been involved with the scheme from the start, with two of our apprentices now well into their training.

This morning our mature apprentice Richard Waite signed off on more of his tasks, on his way to becoming a qualified damp proofing and timber treatment technician. The tasks are spread across all the disciplines, which are needed to demonstrate competence for his NVQ. This week Richard has been working on an 18C house in South Cave, installing a Damp Check Rod chemical DPC and a cavity drain membrane waterproofing system. The paperwork supplied by Property Care Association is superb, with a well made and comprehensive book to record all his tasks in. It’s testament to the efforts PCA team and the CITB have put into the finer details like this, which are setting the standard in preservation related training. These organisations are helping us make Richard into a worthy addition to our high quality damp proofing and timber treatment teams.

Providing certified high quality damp proofing

high quality damp proofing technicnas are made not born
Richard Waite wins a Frey Bentos tinned pie for best effort in our weekly boot camp.

Like many experienced and skilled workers in construction, Richard has missed out on formal trade qualifications in the past. He’s worked for small contractors who haven’t been able or willing engage with training. His bricklaying skills are super and he’s already successfully repaired lots of brickwork and masonry defects for our clients. However, he has no certificate or diploma to validate his knowledge and achievements. We think that is a shame, so we are delighted that he is doing so well with the PCA scheme. He will have his NVQ by next year.

Richard fits right in with our world, along with our other apprentice Adam Orton. Today he was a winner of our weekly prize for ‘best effort’ at the weekly boot camp. A Frey Bentos tinned Chicken and bacon pie put a big smile on his face…. well done Richard.


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