Masonry Repair Methods

Masonry repair methods and Masonry Strengthening, Leeds and throughout Yorkshire

Bulging or cracked walls are no laughing matter – they’re a sign that you’re in need of masonry repairs to ensure that your building remains safe and habitable.

Wall cracks and other structural problems arise due a variety of possible causes, and in our 30 years of experience, we’ve come across them all. Our masonry repair methods utilise a range of proven technologies and materials to put those problems right, with every project tailored to your needs and those of your property.

Of course we repair masonry by traditional means, using tried and tested skills to re-build walls and stabilise bulges. However, when walls are weakend by past movement or by bulging, structural engineers will often ask for masonry strengthening or provision of lateral restraint. Sometimes these methods are specified by the structural engineer and sometimes we specify the precise design, after an engineer or building surveyor has asked for our specialist advice. You can ask our advice for free.

Experienced Specialist Contractor

We are experienced specialist contractors for the following masonry repair methods, and we’ve been approved to carry out their installation by the manufacturers themselves, following specialist training and decades of experience:

We also specify, supply and install a wide range of specialist ties and fixings.

However, every building is different, and we may call upon more traditional repair methods if appropriate.

There are more details below, however if you’d like to speak to one of our specialist surveyors call us now on Leeds 265 2752 York 566577 or Sheffield 224 5121

Our Accreditations

Our masonry repair methods are proven and we test our work
Our masonry repair methods are proven and we test our work

Structural repairs and wall tie installation

When it comes to structural and masonry repairs often a hybrid mixed approach works best, such as using the Cintec Anchor System with other tie methods too. On others projects, installation of Helifix masonry beaming, remedial wall ties or lateral restraint systems may be better suited.

In rubble-filled and high performance situations, the Cintec grouted anchor range offers unrivalled flexibility and proven success on thousands of projects – see how the patented anchor works on this video from a masonry repair project we completed in Leeds.

Need advice or want to book a survey?

If you have a question on our building preservation services, need advice on a structural issue or wish to book a survey, call our friendly team free on Leeds 265 2752, York 566577 or Sheffield 224 5121 or email us via our contact page and we’ll be happy to help.

Robust Quality Control

No system of structural repair can work without diligent installation and this is where we excel. Qualified wall tie technicians and a detailed and robust quality control procedure ensure that the work, which is often hidden from view, meets or exceeds the required specifications.

We own no less than three independently calibrated tension testing rigs spanning from 5 to 25Kn ranges (higher values available by request), and our Helifix and Cintec trained technicians test and test again, to make sure that the systems we’ve installed offer complete confidence.

Digital images of the test gauge readings and copies of test sheets and calibration certificates are always available so clients know that wall tie, stitching ties or lateral restraints we install really will do the job.

We’re one of the most experienced Helifix approved installers in England – here our MD Bryan Hindle shows off a Helifix Helibar delivery..
We’re one of the most experienced Helifix approved installers in England – here our Technical Director Bryan Hindle shows off a Helifix Helibar delivery..

Structural repair experts with a great reputation!

You don’t need to just take our word for this either! Check the Insight newsletters on our media page, where structural engineers, architects, surveyors, local authorities and major contractors who have worked with us commend our expertise and reliability.

We carry out Cintec and Helifix installations across the Yorkshire and the North of England, with projects including York City Walls, Armley Jail Leeds, Riber Castle Matlock, domestic houses and commercial premises have been tied or repaired in Kendal, Scarborough, Malton, Skipton, Chesterfield and Sheffield.

For down to earth, honest and well informed advice on masonry and structural repairs, call us now on Leeds 265 2752 York 566577 or Sheffield 224 5121 or email us with a brief outline of your problem and we’ll get right back to you.

Masonry Repair Gallery

Further Reading

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Masonry repairs using Helifix Helibars on a York apartment block

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Happy masonry repair clients?

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