thermal survey with Brick-Tie Preservation

Thermal survey training with PCA

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director of Brick-Tie Limited

Two out of our three CSRT surveyors were in training at the PCA center this week; thermal survey techniques were the order of the day.

Thermal survey equipment is used by us to detect moisture in buildings, leaks and missing insulation. Our MD is a category 1 thermographer and is introducing thermography into our daily survey work. The PCA laid on a course as a further introduction to thermal survey methods and equipment, held in their purpose built training center.


thermal survey with Brick-Tie Preservation
TCL’s Thermal House was used to explore our surveyors knowledge

Mike Duckett CSRT and Paul Glover CSRT attended the course. which was presented by our established thermography suppliers and consultants TCL.

The course covered thermal camera operation, use of specialist software to explore thermographic images and methods and techniques to get the best out of the equipment. TCL’s ‘thermal house’ was used to assess student’s grasp of the basics and the fundamentals of the electromagnetic spectrum, especially the infra-red, which is where our thermal surveys are concentrated.

Both our surveyors enjoyed the day, Paul Glover CSRT especially enjoyed the ‘lab’ demonstrations “It was really good to see how the aluminum bucket reflected the wrong temperature and how that was easily adjusted to get the actual one”.

Mike Duckett CSRT praised TCL’s presentation skills “Stuart and Kevin are so full of enthusiasm and really know their stuff – it excited me and with Bryan’s guidance beforehand, it ticked lots of boxes – brilliant”!

Bryan is our MD and as a cat 1 thermographer he’s already seen the power of thermal survey equipment in his daily work “I’ve been ISO 18436 qualified to use thermal cameras for about a year now and have been using the technology in anger on a weekly basis, it’s added another layer of information to my survey reports and has been a priceless aid on some survey projects”.

“The damp proofing and timber treatment industry has evolved and the gap between those at the top of the profession and those at the bottom is growing; demanding clients expect the best, and it’s no good staying still and relying on archaic methods. There are tools available which could only have been dreamed of a few years ago” says Bryan “I’ve found leaks, dampness and missing insulation in cases where customers were at their wits end and a thermal survey resolved the problem”

Our surveys include thermography when needed for leak detection, insulation surveys, damp diagnosis and condensation risk and analysis. For information call our service line on 0800 591541. Thermal surveys are available across Yorkshire.






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