Property Care Association Members Regional Meeting in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director of Brick-Tie Limited

Thursday was the day for dedicated PCA members to meet up for a series of meetings and presentations given by the PCA and members.

This type of behind the scenes work is crucial for Brick Tie Preservation, in order to maintain high standards for consumers. Briefings included a section on Basement waterproofing insurance, so that PCA members’ customers are protected in the event of problems after the waterproofing work has been completed.

An example was given, where a leak in a basement resulted in a client being paid more than £30,000 in compensation to pay for repairs following water ingress into a completed basement project. This was despite the leak never being proved to have been the fault of the PCA member installer. This is the same type of insurance which Brick Tie have in place to protect our business and more specifically our clients.

Whilst no business or professional ever wants to make a mistake, we are only human and by paying for and maintaining such insurance we protect our clients and our employees from the financial consequences of errors or omissions which could happen.

In addition, Health and Safety consultant Bob Carter of Stellard kane was on hand to outline the benefits of the new Property Care Association Business Shield.

Business Shield is a dedicated web site available to PCA members which is specially designed for PCA members to use to comply with our Health and Safety responsibilities. The site is password protected and available only to PCA members. It is a gold mine of information which is presented for members to extract and use at any time for free.

The business shield is an evolving resource and we have already agreed to share some of our own dedicated health and safety documentation for the benefit of all members. This will help the site become even more relevant for the PCA and lead to better health and safety for our employees, clients and any contractors working alongside us on any specialist work.

For details on our high quality basement waterproofing service please call any of the above numbers.

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