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A bridged DPC may cause damp

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director of Brick-Tie Limited

A bridged DPC may cause damp – but what is a bridged DPC?

To save loads of typing I’ve shot a short video on the survey in Leeds, West Yorkshire. This is a case of a an indication of rising damp. Many would just install a new DPC, but I wanted to get to the bottom of the problem.

This house has a Chemical Damp proof course in the wall affected by the damp. We can only guess at the reason for it; maybe a simple error by the damp specialist, or perhaps he mentioned the cavity cleaning and it was never done. Maybe the client asked for a damp course to be installed. We’ll never know. One thing is clear though, there is a functioning physical DPC and the video shows that a bridged DPC may cause damp.

Have a look at the video from the Leeds damp survey and see why A DPC was not needed.

There are many cases where damp diagnosis can be picked apart years later (yes, even mine; we’re all fallible). It’s a waste of time really; what I am most interested in is the now and the future, rather than the past. Educating surveyors and customers so that they have enough knowledge to avoid needless damp proofing work is what I’m about.

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