Damp Proofing and Timber Treatment Qualification for 100% of Staff

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director of Brick-Tie Limited

Training and staff development has a direct effect on the quality of our damp proofing, woodworm and dry rot work.

All our damp proofing specialists are qualified and here, Peter Linsell shows off his latest NVQ certificate in damp proofing, woodworm and rot treatment. This is added to his existing NVQ qualifications for bricklaying.

Peter, has been with the company for 12 months and after his induction, a program of development, learning and achievements were agreed. He’s well on his way to becoming an essential team member with skills in damp proofing and all aspects of timber treatment too.

He is also proficient in Cintec Tie installation and Helifix remedial wall tie installation.

Well done Peter!

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