BT Preservation reviews driver safety

BT Preservation reviews its service to improve

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director of Brick-Tie Limited

BT Preservation reviews to improve

The first full training day of 2017 took place this week. In the morning, we studied Helifix masonry repairs. This was part of our specialist structural repairs service. However, the afternoon was dedicated to the future. To do this, BT Preservation reviews where it is, to help plan and agree our goals for the future. Everyone was there, so it was necessary to close our office for the afternoon. We ate a lunch of fish ‘n’ chips together, before getting to work.

BT Preservation Review; where are we now?

Here’re the details of what went on. It’s relevant to clients because this illustrates how we meet diverse customer expectations and, what drives us to constantly improve.  Firstly, our MD Bryan Hindle thanked everyone for all of the hard work and care they had put into making the previous business plan a success.  Our customer feedback has been excellent for all areas of our work. One of the most common points made by customers, was how friendly and helpful everyone they had contact with was. Bryan emphasised that this above all, indicates that our customer service culture is very positive.


BT Preservation team reviews its direction
Our team is growing in number and in capability


Here are some specific achievements Bryan mentioned, which took place in the past two years:


  • A reward for all our training and personal development at the annual PCA ‘Best practice’ awards (following other awards in the past four years running)
  • Growing to a survey team of three CSRT qualified surveyors
  • Generating over £1M sales in 2014/15 and increasing that 2015/16
  • Expanding the structural repairs side of the business, including ground anchors such as DuckBill and traditional building repairs
  • Opening our indoor air quality service and reaching three Bpec qualified ventilation engineers in-house
  • Completely overhauling the BT Preservation web site so it’s bursting with information
  • Sponsoring a weekly ‘Bootcamp’ for our staff to keep fit and healthy for free
  • Ensure all drivers in the company obtain a full day AA driver training assessment to improve road safety
  • Becoming Which? Trusted traders and achieving ‘gold’ standard in our health and safety compliance audit two years running and crucially…..
  • Advancing our employee training & certification, in both specialist ‘trade’ skills, such as the PCA apprenticeship and health & safety competence


BT Preservation reviews driver safety
All our van and car drivers are now safer, following AA driver assessment


Details of the way we manage change is outlined below – if you’d rather speak to a friendly person in our team please call Leeds 265 2752 York 566577 or Sheffield 224 5121 where Julie, Katrina, Sarah and Sian, are waiting to help with your questions.


The above were all things we planned and executed over the past twenty-four months or so; the ball was now in our employees’ court – where next and how do we get there?

BT Preservation are Investors in People
We’ve been Investors In People since 2007

BT Preservation reviews its direction

Everyone plays an essential part in where BT Preservation are and especially where we’re going. It follows that without employee consultation and engagement, we won’t meet our mission. Our mission has been “To be the company the best people want to work for and, the business the best clients want to work with”. We spoke about whether this mission still fits the bill after several years.


When asked, the boys and girls responded that the mission is a resounding success and that of course, we shouldn’t change it. Moreover, our people said that our past efforts to focus on employees and clients has been the key to BT Preservation’s high standing with clients and the wider industry. Explaining why he agreed MD Bryan Hindle explained “Mission statements can be very specific or quite ambiguous. Whilst we have clear and well laid out goals, our mission is designed to support many of them. As Investors in People we’ve learned a lot. All the company rules in the world, combined with detailed management plans are no good alone. You need enthusiastic, skilled and engaged employees to succeed.” Why not check-out our BT Preservation team members?


Thus, the first part of our mission naturally concentrates on our existing and potential employees. Without these, we really are up a creek without a paddle. Our staff agree with this approach, just ask them!

BT Preservation win national award for training
Our commitment to staff training and development has also been recognised by the wider industry

Leading on to the second part of our mission; “To be the business the best clients want to work with”. Bryan explains, “We believe that people ‘buy’ and ‘do’ business from and with other people, not corporate entities”. Clearly, we are part of an organisation, but as a service company our face-to-face and electronic daily contact with our clients, is fundamental to success. “To put it bluntly, ” states Bryan, “if customers don’t like us or, if they feel we don’t care we will fail.”

Conversely, if we strive to delight them from enquiry to completion of our work and beyond, they’ll remember this and our reputation will grow.

As usual the best ideas for improvements come from employees rather than owners and managers. We weren’t surprised that this was the case once more. A wide-ranging discussion opened up several areas, where we thought we could improve. These included waste processing efficiency; recycling; refining our written reports to aid understanding; redesigning our ‘Brick-Tie’ sister web site and, obtaining external advice on office automation and communication systems.

Structural repairs done safely
For the second year running – over 95% score via our independent auditors

In conclusion, the day worked on several levels, both in refining our reviewed business plan for 2017/18 and sharing ideas and opinions with each other. Our internal mantra is “Straight talking – generous listening”. It works for us and for our clients, though in-line with the forgoing; we’ll keep it under review.


BT Preservation reviews its core business regularly for the good of employees and customers. We’ve proven the rule, that by looking after ourselves and our clients; success comes naturally.

If you need good advice from experts who really care, contact our friendly team. Please call Leeds 265 2752 York 566577 or Sheffield 224 5121 where Julie, Katrina, Sarah and Sian, are waiting to help with your questions. Alternatively why not visit our contact page.

Need to read about the work we do? Try our Knowledge base, where you can study technical articles on very many subjects. Or watch one of our technical videos here.

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