Safeguard’s revolutionary DryRod damp proofing system in use by Brick-Tie technician Craig Tarbotton.

Advanced DryRod damp proofing system arrives in Yorkshire.

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director of Brick-Tie Limited

The advanced DryRod damp proofing system arrives in Yorkshire.

There’s great excitement in the company at the moment due to the arrival of our first batch of The DryRod damp proofing system. The materials were ordered for use in a prestigious listed building development near York.Our principle suppliers Safeguard Europe have developed the DryRod damp proofing system through years of careful testing and clever chemical wizardry.

The new damp proofing method is set to revolutionise chemical damp proofing yet again, following the success of Safeguard’s previous groundbreaking chemical DPC system, DryZone. Dryzone started the industry wide move from pressure injected chemical damp courses, to the use of self-penetrating chemical creams. Almost all other manufactures now make their own version of DryZone (or have the genuine article re-branded for them by Safeguard).

As yet we have not come across a superior damp proofing cream than the original and best product, which is Safeguard DryZone. We’ve installed thousands of DryZone systems all across Yorkshire.

This is not the end for DryZone, which remains our main weapon against rising damp. However, the very high efficiency of the DryRod damp proofing system will offer greater flexibility, especially in hard to treat or historic properties, where the potential for reduced plastering is desirable. This was the case in York, where we are installing DryRod for a high quality property developer, to damp proof his latest project..

How so? The reason is that DryRod’s unrivaled control of rising damp will mean that the only plastering required is that where the salt contamination is already excessive and high hygroscopic moisture levels are present (our in-house gravimetric testing lab can identify these accurately). In the past, plastering systems served a twin purpose of backing up the damp-proofing systems performance AND controlling salts. The DryRod damp proofing system does not require back-up from the plaster system, so subject to careful inspection, the extent of disruption can be reduced, saving money, damage to original fabric and easing waste and environmental factors.

The DryRod damp proofing system has full agreement board approval, even when plastering is reduced (subject to professional advice from us), so this gives our surveyors the ability to serve client needs with more precision than ever before.

For further information on our new DryRod damp proofing system call customer services free on 0800 591 541. Our three qualified remedial damp surveyors – Bryan Hindle and Paul Glover will be happy to answer your questions.

Why not visit Safeguard Europe’s DryRod web site pages?.

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