PCAQT – Employee nominated Director & Trustee. 

With over ten years here at Brick-Tie, Sian has lots of experience helping our clients get the survey or work they need.

Her in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Brick-Tie ensures she is able to answer your questions, and give you the best advice when you call us.

To help with this Sian enrolled with the Property Care Associations and has passed the PCA remedial technician’s course (PCAQT). Of course she doesn’t have the on-site experience that our technicians have, but she knows her stuff and will refer you to a surveyor on the rare occasion she’s stumped…

As an employee owned enterprise it’s important that employees have someone on the Trust Board who can represent them. So it is no surprise that they voted for Sian to fill that vital role.  Her insight, enthusiasm, and sense of fairness strengthens our board. Sian ensures that the welfare, and prosperity of our employees is at the center of our decision making.


When anyone calls a company they want, honesty, a helpful attitude, accurate information, reliability and respect – that’s Sian.

In the office Sian types many of the technical reports we produce, along with guarantee documentation, as well as booking surveys, ordering stock and general office administration.

Sian has served as Employee Trustee since 2023, a crucial role in the governance of Brick-Tie. It’s a huge responsibility, which she’s already made her own.

Without Sian’s help and dedication Brick-Tie wouldn’t run nearly as efficiently as it does – Thank you Sian, from the whole team!

As part of her training Sian installed DryZone chemical DPC cream (Tadcaster, North Yorkshire)
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