Half tonne tension on one Cintec wall tie

Cintec Wall Ties – half tonne test!

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director of Brick-Tie Limited

Cintec wall ties

Normally wall ties in a cavity wall are not meant to take much load. The whole point of having lots of them is to reduce stress by ‘sharing’ the work over a wide area.

However, most wall ties are not made by Cintec International. These ties are more like structural anchors. In fact we’ve used larger models than the one shown here to stitch bridges together and hold down heavy machinery.

Anyway, the walls in the video were condemned as being in too poor a state to take conventional wall ties. We attended on site to demonstrate the power of the Cintec wall ties to our client…. watch and be amazed.

We don’t just install Cintec wall ties.

We survey properly – we take everything into account – we specify the right wall tie for the building. We’re independent and we have vast and long experience. That is why so many consulting civil engineers and surveyors turn to us for advice. Cintec ties, Helifix Ties. Sometimes no ties at all when we think other ways are best – for expert advice on bulging walls, cracks in walls and lateral restraints call us for advice Leeds 265 2752 York 566577 or Sheffield 224 5121 or email us  via our contact page



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