PCA meeting attendees in Bradford

Yorkshire damp and timber specialists meet up in Bradford

Picture of Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan Hindle CSRT CSSW GradIOSH

Bryan is Technical Director of Brick-Tie Limited

Yorkshires damp, timber and basement waterproofing PCA members, meet up in Bradford

Our MD, Bryan Hindle CSSW CSRT attended the Property Care Association regional meeting in Bradford today. These regular meetings are important in making sure that PCA members in the north are kept up top date with the latest trends in damp, timber and basement waterproofing.

About 40 PCA members were on hand for two technical presentations. These included one from Mr Graham Bowers, from Foamglas Insulation. These materials are used in insulating basements and are suitable for retro-fit waterproofing below ground as well as new build waterproofing methods. The materials are water and vapour proof, as well as offering great insulation performance and high compressive strength, which is invaluable in below ground situations such as basements.

Mr Ray Ingram of Lascar Electronics was on hand too, to talk members through Lascar’s latest range of humidity data loggers, which we’ve used for years to monitor and diagnose condensation and mould growth issues. Bryan has blogged on these units in the past so those who are interested in this can read about temperature and humidity data logging via his blog. Data logging is a regular method we use for diagnosis difficult mould and condensation problems.

PCA CEO Stephen Hodgson gave members a detailed outline of changes in the insurance regulations for issue of long-term guarantees. The changes mean that insurance will now be matched to ten years, to standardise it with those guarantees issued by new house builders, under the NHBC and Premier guarantee schemes.

Steve also confirmed that from next year, all new-build below ground structures will require waterproofing to be designed and installed by Property Care Association members – a great step forward for quality basement waterproofing. It’s a testament to the quality and knowledge of CSSW trained basement waterproofing specialist like Bryan and other PCA members. Our expertise is now recognised as adding huge benefits to building owners, both domestic and commercial. In effect any waterproofing carried out on new build contract by non-PCA members will be uninsurable under these schemes.

Of course the training, which PCA have done for all members as well as non-members, has contributed to this growing reputation for quality and credibility. This is only set to improve further, now that PCA have acquired its own practical training facility, within a mile of PCA head office in Huntingdon. The new unit will allow the training PCA does to be further expanded, encompassing hands-on skills training for damp and timber as well as basement waterproofing technicians. Brilliant.

PCA meeting attendees in Bradford
The cream of the Norths damp and timber and basement waterproofing specialists were on hand in Bradford

The Property Care Association now has it’s own in house marketing manager. Anna Betts, gave delegates the outline of the PCA’s marketing plans for next year. Anna has a postgraduate diploma from the chartered institute of marketing and has already made a big impact.

The new Apprentice scheme for damp proofing and timber treatment technicians is almost ready for launch in 2015. We will be looking for one or two new employees to start their long preservation career via this apprenticeship next year.

One other good thing about these meetings is the chance to talk-shop with fellow damp timber and basement waterproofing companies. Ideas were shared and troubles too and everyone left with either new ideas to look at for improvement or a different outlook.

We don’t see our PCA membership as just a badge/logo. It means much more to us and should also give our potential clients comfort too. It means we are backed with great training facilities, excellent insurance cover to protect clients and a brand new and updated code of ethics.

Bryan came back to the office full of enthusiasm – as if he wasn’t full already!

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